Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Feliz Cumpleanos Guapo

This past weekend Chris turned 29! 
He is devilishly handsome, witty, smart, and pretty awesome. 
We had a great time, the weekend was full: Laker game, lots of yummy restaurants, beach, more beach, movies, and family time! My brother Josh was in town for work earlier in the week & extended his trip-- It was so fun having him here. He & I have never had hang out time just the two of us...ever! So, it was obviously a blast :)
The Spikers came down from LA to celebrate Chris' bday, & we had such a great time & laughed the entire night long.
Happy Birthday babe! 

Pix of all the fun 

 **Yet again, I didn't take very many photos. I really am in a slump! I think it's because I have this new fancy camera & don't really know how to use it (to it's full potential) so I never bring it. Tsk! Tsk! I just need to find someone to teach me...I miss taking lots of photos. Anyone know a good photographer who would be willing to teach me??

We are excited for Spring & the fabulous weather it brings. Hopefully Chris won't have to work too hard & will be able to enjoy it!


Amy said...

Oooh! What kind of camera did you get?? Happy Birthday to your hubs, it looks (&sounds) like you had lots of fun!

Trevor and Shelby said...

Haha Chris gets a "guapo" from you, but yet Trev told me he called him "guapeton" on his bday (extra handsome). Should I be concerned? :) We need to play asap.

Jeni said...

Happy (late) Birthday, Chris! Your dress is fabulous in the bottom pics. And your hair. And your face. And what I'm trying to say here is, you are gorgeous.

The Alvords said...

Happy Birthday Chris! I'm glad you guys were able to enjoy a weekend together. It sounds like it was perfect.

Ummm, when did Luke grow up and get so dang handsome? He looks like a man in those pictures. I'm not sure I'm ok with this.

Audrey Crisp said...

Looks and sounds like a great birthday! His brother looks so much like him! ; ) I suck at taking pics too...

Julia said...

Hey! I ran into your blog on Amy's hope your doing well!