Thursday, September 15, 2011

the Greek

Last night I attended the Fleet Foxes & the Walkmen concert at the Greek theater @Griffith Park in the heart of LA.  Originally I invited my sexy spouse to join me, but alas he was unable to join so I made other plans with some lovelies. 
I had never been to a show at the Greek, and let me tell you...Wow. GORGEOUS. I cannot wait to attend another show there, it was incredible. 
The two bands performed their hearts out and it was amazing. I was able to go with my fav girls...Jackie (super spaztic amazing) and we met up with Lauren & Meg. Those girls are simply the best. During the show the air felt crisp and the stars were out....made me so unbelievably home-sick. Gosh, this time of year I sure do get the autumn-blues. During the concert, while the oh-so-lovely music was filling the air and the setting was just right I took a long deep breath and reminded myself that my life is pretty incredible. Trails and all. It was perfect timing after the disaster day before. Gotta love the way things work out like that. <3

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the organic kitchen said...

Uh oh...never heard about the disaster the day before??? Hope things are better. Love the Greek! Glad you had fun.