Friday, July 6, 2012

Unplanned Internet Fast

I was/am/may still be MIA from Facebook, Pinterest, Blogs, Internet & Computers in general....Not sure why (seriously, not particular reason other than I lost the desire) but today I was sad I hadn't kept up on my blog (since it's such a great way to keep a record to look back on over the years). Hopefully I can actually make time for it now that my life is a bit less chaotic (ha!). A girl can hope, right?

And in case you missed my random lists (and posts) I thought I'd inform you of the things I have learned recently....

-In the battle between having a clean house & sleep: sleep wins
-A lot of people don't agree with me (....I'm still shocked)
-Im increasingly less productive as time goes on
-I once considered myself a fairly 'creative' person....then I started working at Anthropologie and was aware I was wrong (oh so very very wrong)
-Chris only likes to make the bed right before bed at night and not in the morning. And it makes me want to pluck my eyes out
-Never stray from a sure thing. A new mascara can ruin your life.
-5mile runs after 14hr work days are a recipe for disaster
-Eating ice cream from the carton is much more enjoyable when using a hot pad
-$18 movie tickets are normal in Newport but not anywhere else
-I should hire a laundry service cuz I really suck at it
-In the battle between anything & sleep: sleep wins
-My new Go-To Phrase is "Love It" and I hate it
-When I say I'm going to buy groceries "this week" it's probably not going to happen
-Chris hates when I spend money (yes, I just recently learned this...)
-The term "slutty meal" to describe terrible food choices has been the #1 most useful thing I have learned this summer
-Chris gets in shape fast. Looks better faster. And is generally more cute than I am on a regular basis. (I am not sure why I wasn't aware of this before....)

On a separate note....if you haven't seen Moonrise Kingdom, you must. Best movie I've seen all year.

TTFN Suckas.


Jeni said...

I was so excited to see a post from you!
Also: I have been wearing the same brand of mascara since I was 15. Sure, I've explored a little, wondering if I was missing out on something special, but NO. Nothing can quite live up to my tried and true. You can obviously relate.
Additionally: I can barely recognize myself this summer because of my unproductive, slovenly approach to everything.
In conclusion: I love you!

♥ Audrey Crisp said...

Welcome back!!! So cool the new store is opening! Wish I were more creative too! I would Chose sleep over anything else too!

The Alvords said...

I am so glad that 'slutty food' made it onto your list! Sad, but this is a proud moment for me.