Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Baby Bump

Today I started to think about how 90% of my wardrobe will not work for a pregnant body...Although I am not showing yet I couldn't help but start looking around at clothes that would work for my ever growing mid-section.

Plus, I really love clothes. So it was an excuse to start getting excited for the stage when I start really showing! Since the majority of my pregnancy will be in the winter (hallelujah!) I decided to look around at some of my favorite stores for clothes that would work for the wintery months. I am trying (if I can help it) to avoid buying "maternity" clothes so I am trying to find options that will work before and after. These are a few loves that I've found so far, can you picture me in them with my baby bump??


Because pregnancy and baby are all I can ever seem to think about right now, I am pretty sure this won't be the only post on this subject! :) Also, any pregnancy tips you have for me please share! I am a first timer who has a huge wealth of knowledge within her family &, spill it!

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Audrey Crisp said...

Yeah don't spend a lot of money of maternity clothes. You might need like one-three pairs of maternity pants, but really you can get away with flowy shirts and dresses. Or if you get maternity shirts make sure you get ones that you can wear after. Haha. You'll look so cute!