Sunday, November 4, 2012

18wks 5days...

Pregnancy has made my mind an interesting place. Imagine lots of fluffy clouds that make everything difficult to see or decipher...yes, that is my current state of mind. Beautiful-blissful-confusion.

I can't seem to focus for more than 5min at a time.

And on a note that very well could be unrelated but I like to also blame on pregnancy...My vision is blurry! No joke. Not always, but let's just say Chris & I have a new game of "Mari guess the hymn number" in church and I frequently lose.

Other Pregnancy Happenings....
(I realize much of this may not interest you, but for the purpose of documentation because with my foggy brain I may not recall all of the details!)

-I currently have 2pairs of jeans that still fit. The rest have graduated into the "rubber band" stage. Let's see how long this lasts!

-I have found that having bigger (it's all relative depending on your starting point!) boobs has not made me feel sexy, more attractive, etc....and I feel sort of jipped! (real word? spelled wrong?)
*note Chris sure disagrees! 

-I have come to the conclusion that I have been blessed with all of the horrid side effects of pregnancy (all of you hair thickening, skin clearing, sex-kitten preggers wouldn't understand)...and this blessing can only mean one thing...MY CHILD WILL BE PERFECT! (sigh...if only that were the trade off)

-I officially retired from Anthropologie as of Friday. After much thought and discussion, the decision was made. Time to focus on the pregnancy, my family and enjoy a few months of taking it easy before my life of selfishness officially ends.

-I use phrases like "I'm on the verge of an unwanted purge" when feeling particularly rumbly in the tumbly. Most of the time, the purge never came. I just felt like it is going to come ALL OF THE TIME! The nauseated phase isn't 100% over, but I'm past the worst of it. I would say this pregnancy, weeks 7-17 were the killers.

-Most importantly, I have become the biggest pillow hog of all time. I bought myself a body pillow, I use 3 others in addition to the body pillow too! Getting comfy is tricky business while growing a human being!


Verna said...

I was so nauseous when I was pregnant with my son! Blah! It lasted almost the whole time too. Maternity clothes are actually super comfy, give them a chance. : ) Enjoy your time off before the little man comes!!

The Alvords said...

Oh the joys of being pregnant! Haha. You are not alone. Yesterday as I sat on my couch in pajamas, with air dried hair, and cabbage leaves in my bra, I had to laugh and think, 'The things we do for the sake of our kids...'. And they are worth every single second of ugliness, sickness, discomfort, sleepless night, etc. I can't wait for this boy to be here!!!