Wednesday, November 18, 2009

dance, dance

I heart Paramore!

I went to see Paramore @ Hollywood Palladium
this past week--SO MUCH FUN!
We laughed.
We danced.
We sang.
We danced & sang a LOT &
should be embarrassed of these photos..

Lindsay said "Wait! How do I make a funny face?!" haha.

She is amazing
Us crazy fans went into the crowd & went wild

I have a concert buzz now & am craving more! I have been wanting to see the Muse, Killers, & the Sounds for a long time now (consequently I missed all three shows in LA! ah! 'til next tour I suppose) But there are tons of girly concerts I would go to too! I highly recommend a concert in your near future if you can do it!
Some of my Paramore favorites, oldies but goodies:
Fabs from the new album:
Looking Up
Brick By Boring Brick


the organic kitchen said...

Besides Lindsay... I don't think you girls get out much!

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

lol YES we do! Don't be jealous of our moves