Thursday, November 19, 2009

It must be the Holidays!

Ho! Ho! Ho!
For the past few years the Holiday season has been full of holiday boutiques/events for my accessories, this year is no different! Mari Elizabeth Couture will be in 3 shows & my new clothing line (post coming later) will also be in 3! To kick start the season I had a boutique the first weekend of November in UT called The Bijou Market, for MEC necklaces & my new shirts.
Because that was the weekend we were moving to Orange County, Britney handled it for me! All of you who have ever done a holiday boutique know just how much work it takes--you have to plan a display, set up the display & inventory, monitor it & sell it during the hours of the boutique and and and and... Brit did ALL of that for me! She even STEAMED my tops! Now that's love! I am so grateful for all her help, because guess what a horrible person I am? I am having her do ANOTHER one for me in a couple weeks! I am a lucky lady to have her, I'm telling you!

Here is Britney for those of you who don't know her, I have mentioned her OFTEN on this blog! She is a babe right?? Love her fab red hair too...

The next event is THIS weekend at Valencia High School! I participated last year because Chris' cousin Lauren is a choir member, and the event is a fundraiser for them. This year she asked if I would do it again & of course I wanted to help out! So even if you aren't going to purchase any MEC merchandise, you should definitely come to support the cause! This year I will be selling a tiny small sampling of my new tops & focusing mainly on Mari Elizabeth Couture necklaces & headwear! Come visit me!
Valencia High School- Valencia, CA
Fri 20th 8am-1pm
Sat 21st 8am - 4pm

some of the things you'll find there this weekend:

Then the first weekend of December I have 3 boutiques! You may be thinking, how can she be in 3 places at once? I can't--LUCKY for me (again with this great luck!) I have Britney (again!), Claire, & Courtney.

Brit will be running my table at the Beehive Bazaar! I really wish I could be there for this one! It is my first year participating in this event & I have heard such great things about it. It's a 2.5 day event-more info coming soon!

Courtney is doing a boutique up in SLC (more info when it gets closer) for her fabulous accessories for women & children, Pearl & Pauper! She is going to be offering AMAZING prices so be sure to check back to my blog for further information! Court was sweet enough to invite me to split the booth with her, so MEC will be there as well! I am also very happy to have her, because she can create a beautiful display for us--she is a boutique pro!

Claire found a fantastic boutique called Hip Handmaids (where we will be doing a giveaway soon!). Located here is California!! It's in Burbank! (more details to come as it gets closer) Claire & I have been partnering up to create some fun tops--I will be there at least one of the two days, hopefully both!


The Alvords said...

You are the most talented person I know and I love you.

Adam & Samantha said...

Wish I could go to Valencia High, I am a graduate from there of course! :-) Where is the beehive one? ANything close to Provo? WOuld love to check you out!

Brittany and Johnse said...

congrats and good luck! I have been doing tons of boutique shows lately too...TONS of work! I wish I had as many great helpers as you do!

The Queen said...

Those look great Mari, I hope everything is going well at the boutique this weekend!

I came over to tell Chris congrats for passing the bar! Yay! :)

Keef and Brit said...

I love helping! But you had better stop with all the niceties about me, you are going to give me a complex and make me think I am much more fabulous than I really am. haha