Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am so Thankful! Life is awesome, and I am incredibly happy. I feel so blessed to have all the people in my life that I have, to have been to the places I have been, seen, done, learned, received all that I have. In the spirit of the holiday, I (like many of you) am going to post a small list of the things I am grateful for.

1. Family: I am a sucker for my family. My in-laws & my own immediate. I am SO lucky to have such a big & wonderful group of people to always rely on. I would do anything for them. Being the baby sister has been the best part (no, not because I get spoiled). I am PROUD to be a Carver. I am PROUD to be a Spiker. I love each & every one of them, and know they each help/bless/influence me for good in their own way--I would be lost without them. Plus I have the CUTEST nieces & nephews in the entire world!

2. Chris: what can I say? He's the man!

3. Church: So much good in my life is due to the gospel. It brings me peace & joy. I am always learning more & growing more in the church, and I am grateful for that. I love having a place to go that reminds me what it's all about & having strangers become friends because of this united thread that binds us.

4. Music: I'd die without it. I love all kinds. Love new. Love old. It completes me.

5. Change of Season: Okay, so maybe THIS completes me. I grew up with 4 seasons, so I am naturally a 4 season kind of gal. I appreciate when the weather changes, I find it beautiful & refreshing (yes, even with snow).

6. Sisters: I know I already mentioned family. But I am grateful for sister relationships. They are unique & nothing is like them. My cup is over full with sister relationships, with two sisters & six sister in laws. I LOVE SISTERS! They understand & accept you, no matter how off & strange you may me!

**I am grateful for ALL of my friends, I just wanted to thank a few in particular for their extra support/love this year!

7. Brit: Talk about a person who will do anything & everything for you. She has blessed my life, ever since we were college roomies. This year is no different. I could go on & on & on about how Brit blesses my life. She is constant & always makes sure she is apart of my life, I know she cares because she shows it almost everyday. She has taught me so much & I actually want to be just like her when I grow up ;)

8. Ash: I am grateful for Ash because she has taught me a lot about friendship this past year through our friendship. I am also grateful for her because she is a good & genuine person, always positive & upbeat. Being my first CA friend, making me laugh ALL the time, always offering her time/energy etc whenever I need anything. I am also grateful she is a mommy, because I get to watch her learn & it's made me realize maybe I can do this!

9. Danny, Traci, & Mark: Chris' friends from college have become mine. I love them. They make us laugh & they are the most loyal people we know. I know we are so blessed to have them in our lives.

10. Forgiveness: I ain't perfect. I am thankful for the people who have forgiven me for my moments of idiocy, rudeness, or selfishness.

11. Orange County: No commuting! GORGEOUS weather! Chris is working! 2 bdrm apt! Great places to eat, shop, & hang out. (& it's only been 2 weeks..)

12. Valencia 2nd Friends: We have some amazing friends up in V2 that we will really miss. We've enjoyed many a sunday dinners with them, ran races with some, and laughed with all. We aren't sure we will find a ward as cool as V2 anywhere..

13. ALL my friends: Cami, Jeni, Benz, Jess, Jac, Rach, etc etc etc etc.
SO thankful for all of you!!!

14. Ti Vo: VERY thankful! ;)

15. Holidays: the music, the energy, the "spirit", the fun, the food, the people.
Best time of the year.

16. Work Experience: I am not lazy. I can at least say that much. I am who I am today because I can roll up my sleeves & work. I have learned & grown so much as a person because of it, and really value the experiences/knowledge I have gained from it.

17. Make Up: there are just some days when I need it & hallelujah I have it!

18.Blankets, Socks, & Heaters: I am ALWAYS cold, without these I'd be an ice sculpture.

19. Traveling: I'll do it anytime & go any place. I love it! Especially with Chris, he makes it fun.

20. Food/Sleep: I think these go hand in hand, because I want to do both ALL the time.

21. USA: We may have disagreements, economic struggles, etc. But Im still so thankful to live here and am still as patriotic as ever!




The Queen said...

Amen sista! Happy Thanksgiving Mari!!

Keef and Brit said...

YESSSSS! I have always wanted to be on someone's "thankful for" list and I am honored to be on yours! (at number seven even!!!) haha. But really, I am so thankful to have you in my life. What would I do if I didn't have you as my bff? Who would I run all of my random and inane thoughts and plans by? Who would I tell about all my dilemmas and issues? Who would be my biggest supporter? I told keith today that I am so so grateful to have you. Seriously, I am so lucky.

lori and clark remington said...

Happy Thanksgiving Mari. You are so beautiful both inside and out...I love reading your blog!

lauren said...

Hey! I made the list- not by NAAAAAAME... like brit- but then again, she DOES have the fabulous red hair, so I cant really compete... :) I love you! and I GUESS I can be thankful for your little cuteness always being there in my life too. ;) Happy Thanksgiving! Now on to the real holiday- My birthday! :)

manhattan crew said...

I want everyone who reads mari's blog to know that I wrote a ridiculously funny post about what Mari is thankful for and SHE REJECTED IT!!!
How rude!!
All this time, I thought that I was Mari's favorite...and now, not only did I not make the "thankful" list, but my comments get rejected?? What is that!!!????

her -used to be favorite- brother