Tuesday, February 16, 2010

someone had a birthday!

How come I suck at posting about birthdays?! What the crap? I should be better about that!
(for those you of you I've missed, I'm SORRY!:( )

Anyway, no better time than now to start, right?
And who better to start with than my big bro Ammon?

A few fun facts about Ammon:
  • He wakes up around 6am, smiling & jumping. He is the HAPPIEST morning person I have ever seen.
  • He sings constantly--and dances to his songs.
  • His guilty pleasure is getting a spoon full of cream cheese frosting and dunking it it a bowl of dry cereal
  • He is extremely generous & thoughtful.
  • He loves family, and makes sure that they are a priority in his life.
  • He often wakes up in the middle of the night for a "midnight snack" and has a bowl of cereal. He has done this ever since he was a kid, I remember waking up to use the bathroom and see him sitting in the dark kitchen crunchin' down..
  • He loves animals
  • He has such a cool job, and I envy him constantly!
  • He wears colorful high tops & hip leather boots
  • He speaks Portuguese
  • He used to show horses & won in the US Nationals & Canadian Nationals
  • When I accidentally call him at 4:30am his time, because I was using my phone (me, having trouble sleeping @ 1:30am here..) When I realize, I quickly hang up. He texts me for the next 25min (since I woke him up anyway) and makes me laugh. I tell him to go back to bed & stop texting me, and he replies "I'll just get up and have a bowl of cereal LOL"
  • He turned 28, and LOVES it. He always talks about how he "can't wait for his 30's"

Happy 28th Birthday Amms!
He celebrated this year with 60+ friends in his NYC apartment and said,
"it was my best birthday yet!"

and THAT cake!!! WOW.


Spiker said...

Wow I have never seen a cake like that before! It kind of looks like plastic... happy birthday to Ammon!

manhattan crew said...

AWWWW, you make me sound like a fun, interesting person! Thanks for leaving out all of the not-so-fun facts about Ammon! lol
I love you Chech...
ps...how about my cake huh? My friends Benny and Marc are AMAZING!!!

The Alvords said...

Ammon always has the best birthday cakes! Happy Birthday to a fun and talented guy, someone who everyone at my salon is in love with.