Friday, February 19, 2010

I use my blog like it's my personal journal..

Today marks Day 30, FYI.

Since this entire month as felt like one REALLY long REALLY bad day my routine has become a little like the movie Groundhog consists of:
Waking up with Chris already gone, move to the couch where I spend the day elevating my feet, doing "toe exercises" & pouring massive amounts of Vitamin E on my incisions (gotta fight the keloids somehow), re-wrap my feet, scavenge my kitchen for food since Chris has zero time to buy me food, I was surviving off the groceries Linda brought a while ago..but they are gone now..

(love when she comes! Have I mentioned that? Like for real, I give her a list & she is so sweet she will go get everything on it & I just give her a check..then she stays & chats with me & contrary to all my requests she cleans my apartment while I lay on the couch.
Talk about love, right?)

Anyway, at about 9pm Chris comes home, exhausted. Kisses me on the head, changes his clothes and we eat a late dinner together. At approx. 10:30pm every. single. night. he yawns & says "it's almost my bedtime"..haha no joke. At 11pm he goes to bed, I kiss him on his head this time and hobble back to the couch where I try to get sleepy. Between 1-2am I force myself to try to sleep, carry my pillows to our bed & lay awake between 1-2 more hours.

There is pain, some laughs, some showers, massive amounts of text messages and some exciting things in the mail (got a sweet Get Well Soon card in the mail from Jessica & Jason this week) too...but for the most part, that's the gist of it!

On another note, remember me promising to post pictures of our new place? I still plan to, but I thought you should know that I live one block away from this, just in case you feel like coming for a visit:
So many friends have said they have no idea where we live! We live in the beautiful & tiny city of Corona del Mar, which is less than a mile from Newport Beach & about 6 miles from Laguna Beach.
The best part is we are 7miles from Chris' office, wohoo no commute anymore!

Yesterday Chris' younger brother Patrick opened his mission call! He will be serving in Argentina! He leaves May 12 & we couldn't be happier for him. He already knows a little Spanish, so hopefully the language will come easy for him. I sure hope we can go pick him up, because Argentina has THESE beautiful falls!
I took Spanish Immersion in Elementary school & one of my teachers was from Argentina. She always told us great stories & made us learn dances from there, as well as taste their traditional drink "Mate"--yuck! I am so excited for Patrick! He's such a great guy & I know he will work very hard while he is down there...but we will sure miss him!

I know this photo is tiny, but I wanted to share! I received a wedding announcement today for my lifelong friend Marnae, and I LOVED it! This photo they included made me laugh. She always had the best sense of humor, I am really excited for her. I wish I could go & meet her guy!

I saw this comic & thought of Christopher. He is a slave at his job, if we are lucky we see each other for 2hours a day. I am really proud of him & know all this hard work will pay off!
(And if you are considering law school, don't talk to Chris...haha, he will talk you out of it!


Kellie Spiker said...

Okay lady! Posting picture of where you live is dangerous! I am going to be coming to move in now! ; )

the organic kitchen said...

Okay Argentina 2012 it is!!! We will spend a week in the south maybe Beunas Aires (SP?) and then move up north to spend time with him!

Adam & Samantha said...

I am so jealous that you live that close to the beach. Perhaps I should go to law school. How is the recovery going? I ran into Courtney and she said you have had a hard time being bed rest. Good luck!

Trevor and Shelby said...

Aw Mari. It's probably the 1,000th time someone's told you this, but get better soon!!!! We can attest to the fact that you do live in a gorgeous area... and sadly it's too late to warn us about law school. :)

Lexi said...

Wow that beach looks amazing!! How fun that you live so close to that. I am craving a trip to California!! We are maybe (hopefully) going in april! Hope youre feeling better!