Monday, August 27, 2012

A dishes dilemma!

I have been looking to purchase new dishes for us & am finding myself in a bit of a dilemma. 

Do I go classic, clean, and keep the dishes universal & all white? They will go with everything, be timeless, and have a fresh feeling about them. 
 Do I got eclectic? Mix and match? Get colorful plates from anthropologie & pretty colored glasses?

I have never been super confident when it came to decorating, I am just not a home-decor-guru like many of you. (I can think of at least 10 close friends/family off the top of my head who are excellent at it!) I get nervous, usually decide & then regret my choice after it's too late. AH! I may also add I am terrible at making decisions. True story.

Also, which of these mug styles is your favorite? I want to have a set of 8 mugs but am torn whether or not to have a matching set or mix it up. Opinions please!!


The Alvords said...

You really can't go wrong. All of those are fantastic. I was most drawn to the second and the last, but all of them are beautiful.

Cara Grenny said...

I love the top and bottom mug, and I say go eclectic!! I'm a sucker for color though.

Jeni said...

I also say go eclectic! (I like the word 'eclectic' because it looks exactly like it means.) Those are all so pretty.

I am not a decorator at all, so I feel you. Although, I suspect you are actually really good at it. Me, I just have this whole new apartment with white walls everywhere and it's making me hyperventilate because I have no clue what to DO with all of it.