Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer is winding down...

I just got back from a quick trip back home to Utah. It is always fun to see my growing family & see those beautiful mountains again! I hiked the Y with some friends, played games with the family, ate way too much food, swam, napped, and laughed til I cried anytime my brothers were in the room. We were also all glued to the Olympics all weekend! GO USA! I wish I would have snapped more are the few I did manage:

 (this last pic was taken in my parents backyard-we always had to pick these grapes each October and my mom would make homemade grape juice.....when I saw these vines it brought back all of those memories!)

Just before I hopped on a plane to see mi familia, the boss and I took a drive from the OC to the big LA to bid farewell to a certain handsome guy heading down south to serve for 2 years.
I cried. Of course I cried. Luke is the little brother I never had!! He is going to be incredible & come back even cooler than he is now! Good Luck in Argentina Luke Nathaniel Spiker! We love you!!

I can't believe it's August! Our summer went by in a flash! The one bonus to this is that there will FINALLY BE PARKING!!! We love that you all love the beach and everything...but holy H you make our lives not-so-fun everyday when we get home from work & you've taken up every last inch of parking available. (see! people who live at the beach have problems too!)

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