Saturday, August 18, 2012

A sickness post.

I'd rather be at work right now.

True story.

Because if I were at work, that would mean I was feeling normal. Healthy. Energetic.
However, since I did throw up and now feel like dying or that I may throw up again at any moment (which is basically the same thing for me). And since I am not at work, helping people share my Anthropologie addiction, I lie here in agony. 

Today Chris is off shooting. It's a million degrees outside & he is choosing to go outside (inland no less!) and shoot rifles all day with Patrick (our recent RM from Argentina who will be heading back to the land of dry heat in a week to go back to school). Anyway-WHY would someone choose to be in this awful heat? Plus it's shooting....well, let's not get me started on how I feel about THAT subject.

Back to the heat. Sure, I live in Newport Beach....sure it's only 82degrees and I can feel the ocean breeze. But to US these are HOT times! Terrible times! I am not the only one, many anthro-holics and friends have been complaining about this heat too. The worst part is that we do not have AC..because "one doesn't need it at the beach". Lies I tell you, lies. In my efforts to cool-the-freak-down and rid myself of the feeling of barfing and choking I have been coming up with very interesting outfits once I walk through that door.  
Step 1- Strip (bra always first, always) 
Step 2-wash my face 
Step 3- Consider whether or not I should redress myself 
Step 4-Opt out of getting dressed again, instead throw on one of Chris' tshirts and wander the house in this glorious get up. 

When Chris walks in the door all he says now is, "I see this outfit is going to become a regular thing".
My reply, "I'm so HOT!!!" (not sexy hot, temperature hot...thought I'd clarify in case you missed that)
You should really pop by one day & see it. It's a real treat. (I would actually die if anyone saw me like this, cuz it's pretty embarrassing) 

And for the record, it's probably 100degrees where he is shooting guns with his brother. BLEH!

Here I lie, in my fav outfit (which I'm sure he wouldn't mind if it didn't mean using up all of his tshirts) in my bed, ginger-ale & cracker stash an arms length away.  And although I want to die or at least cry right now, I am just hoping this will pass quickly because I am not a fan of a queasy tummy. (really, what is worse?)

And all my sick & hot drama aside, look how cute:

This cute little vintage number on Etsy sure is calling my name. I think with my hair braided into a crown and some sort of gold pendant necklace...Yes, I think so!

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The Alvords said...

I hope the tummy thing is short lived. There really is not a more miserable feeling in all the world. And yes, you would look fantastic in that dress.