Friday, April 17, 2009


Easter is one of those holidays that I love because its always on a Sunday. Being able to think about why we celebrate it is much easier on the Sabbath. I also love hanging out with family any chance I get, so a holiday is just another excuse!
This year we spent Easter with the Spiker family. We went to Grandma Rita's to have dinner & the annual hunt!

As a child, hunting for eggs was a little different for us....the eggs were real ones, that we had died the previous day, and my dad would spend a couple hours hiding them in HARD places in our backyard...not on the grass or on a bench...more like up a pipe, or he'd dig up a piece of grass and hide the egg under it, or put it in the wood pile under 15 pieces. We loved the challenge!! And almost every year, we'd fill the cartons with the found eggs..and would fall one short, always! We spent HOURS looking for the last egg & my dad would never confess. We'd find it months later, rotting!I miss those days.
Hunting for eggs with the Spikers, I thought "eh, its a kid thing" LITTLE DID I KNOW they do ADULT hunts. MONEY EGGS!!! It was awesome. Chris found a bunch of "duds" which consist of change & candy, I however, found a $5! Wooohoo!
Chris & I both have such awesome families, we feel pretty lucky.

i did a little photoshop action to some of these pics for fun :)

these two pics crack me up.
we couldn't get a good picture of our winnings no matter how hard we tried!
Steve & his mama

Chris, Granny, Linds, Luke

My loot!

going to Grandma Rita's is just like that song "over the river & through the woods" they live WAAAAAAY out in the middle of no where. And have pretty land & animals that I love

i love poochies


Dominique said...

I too married into a family with a $ hunt. It is the best. However, in our family it is no mercy. There have been hip-checked pregnant women. Don't mess with the $ hunt. I love reading about other people's family traditions, it makes the world seem that much smaller. Thanks for sharing Mari. Good luck tomorrow, we'll miss you guys.

Lexi said...

How fun! I love hearing what people did as a kid, and when you have kids of your own its even more fun because you get to do your own traditions and also see the kids enjoying it! My gma does a money egg hunt too, those are the best!
p.s. hawaii looks amazing! glad you had fun!

lauren said...

You guys have the BEST families!! I heart the spikers and I am happy you had a fun easter!

Rachel said...

Wish we could've been there, I miss you Mari! You are so cute, I am sad that I didn't get an easter egg hunt this year!

Spiker said...

Easter was fun... but because we were in Hawaii we didn't dye eggs or give gifts... at least the hunt was fun!