Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spiker Family Hawaii Trip 2009- Days 1 & 2

the beach at our hotel

DAYS 1 & 2:
We went to Kauai this past week, and let me just tell you--it was perfecto! Since we took about a billion pictures, I will be posting about our trip by each day. I realized after I started this, I should have started from the last day & moved back--but too late. So these posts will be a bit backwards (by the time you are reading this you probably already know that).

Anyway, here are Days 1 & 2 in a nutshell.

Chris, so happy to be off the airplane & in Hawaii finally!
Linds & I hit the beach IMMEDIATELY!

~Ladies, he's single & moving to BYU this fall!~

din-din as a big happy-to-be-in-hawaii family!

We had a FULL day! We zip lined, explored the island & this cool cave below, had coconut milk straight from the coconut (not good for anyone who is wondering), etc. etc.!

photo from inside the big cave

sporting our oh-so-chic zipline helmets

we're party people

me...grabbing my foot?
not sure...i think I was attempting to show "style" in my zip linning

Steve & his coconut making out
there were some locals chopping off the tops of coconuts with a machete outside the cave, we could not resist!
the large cave (full of bats & spiders i am SURE!)

at the end of our incredible zip line tour, we swam in a small pond in
the middle of the forrest & had a picnic

Chris & his "cheerleading" moves...more like stripper!
(yes, he totally has better style than me)

huge yellow spider--size of a silver dollar!

more sweet zipline attire

beach time:)

We took it easy on Sunday & went site seeing. We first visited an enormous waterfall, where we hiked down to the edge! Then a picnic at a blow-hole, where I had fun feeding all the chickens. Afterward? The beach of course!

linds & her boo, Curtis

On the island of Kauai there are chickens EVERYWHERE! You wake up to roosters crowing, see them on the beach, the side of the road, outside of restaurants, etc. Wild, fearless--and I thought they were hilarious! The babies were so cute too!
Chris calls me a "hippie" because, according to him, "Not only do you dress like one, you love the earth & you love all animals". I guess there are worse things to be accused of
me "feeding the birds"
(that's your cue to sing the mary poppins song)

More Beach!
We saw several turtles throughout the week!
I didn't want Pat to wake him up!
Court & Josh enjoying the sunshine


the organic kitchen said...

Hey it's the crazy 70's lady feeding the chickens!

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

I like to think of myself as mentally-sound 70s lady--possibly even 60s ;)

Peterson Family said...

I love all the pictures! Looks so fun! Could you be any skinner?

The Queen said...

my mom has chickens, they're awesome!