Sunday, April 12, 2009


Days 3 & 4
Kauai April 2009


this is what Monday looked like for me :)

my water ballerina

Monday we spent at the beach. The boys went surfing & the girls vegged on the warm sand. Everyone doing exactly what they wanted to be doing.

here is Chris on his 2nd run for the day (i caught him at the end of his wave)
-clearly exhausted-
Surfs up Josh!
(stop it! im such a pro photographer!)
Patty Wat

The boys after their first morning surf
pat, chris, josh, curtis

We've got a bleeder!
They learned to put band-aids on for their second run after some serious rippin'of their nips!
(chris being a perv)

So handsome & he loves his scruff!

the view from our room

Scoooooooters! We rode, oh did we ever! These babies maxed out at about 50mph (i never got that high, i had no need for speed on these wobbly things). Riding around the island was breathtaking. Kauai is known for its green, lush landscape- I suppose that's why they call it the "Garden Island" huh? We rode through town & through the fields & back roads. The scenery was my favorite part. We rode to a hiking spot, where we hiked to a waterfall- where we JUMPED! After a day of scootering we sat at a beach & relaxed.

hiking to the edge of the waterfall

Luke didn't need a ladder, he just climbed the tree

Chris on the rope swing

Luke is so adorable. He is definitely a heartbreaker

preparing to jump

Before the plunge!

Im a little nervous..
talking about being nervous...

Chris is first. Look at that leap!

Oh boy, here I go
the photographer who caught all the action

it was so fun!

pat & luke had to entertain themselves while us boring adults relaxed on the sand

one of our stops while scootering around town

we ended the night with some yummy mexican

Mari: "1, 2, 3... do something spaztic!"
Result:We all LOVED the scooters, the waterfall, the beach, & seeing beautiful Kauai. The trip couldn't have been any better, and it wasn't over!
We survived surfing (minor nipple injury aside).
We survived scootering.
We survived jumping off a waterfall.
I call it a success!


the organic kitchen said...

Lesson learned. NEVER and I repeat, NEVER stand next to Mari while wearing a bathing suit.... but at least we all matched!

the organic kitchen said...

Oh and BTW I believe New Jersey is the Garden State. I think Hawaii is the Aloha State... not positive but you can google it!

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

Ya, but we never said hawaii was the garden state. We said Kauai was the garden island. Which it is, you can google it

Chalonn said...

Heber and I went to Kauai on our honeymoon. It was the most beautiful place I've ever been! I loved the mega post about your trip...way to capture all the moments! Your in-laws seem AWESOME!!!

Em Ybarra said...

JEALOUS!!! looks like you guys had a blast! looks like so much fun! i'm so glad it was awesome!

Sara said...

That's a rough life you lead Mar!

the organic kitchen said...

Touche! Should have read it more carefully!

Peterson Family said...

WOW! I love the huge post! Almost seems like I was there....OH WAIT! nope! Glad you had a great time.

Adam & Samantha said...

these pictures make me insanely jealous. it makes me miss when i lived there, it truly is the best place on earth! you guys look so cute and happy! ps. . .love your hippie sundresses. I need to find some. very very cute.

Jeni said...

That picture of the sunglasses and a book on the beach are MY EXACT PICTURE OF HEAVEN!
I love alllllllllllllll these pics and, as I am the judge, I am telling you how fabulous you looked! I do love your sundress.

Amanda and Ry said...

I think we stayed at the same exact place when we went! It's beautiful there and you guys look like you had such a blast!!

Jessica and Jason said...

GREAT pictures! Looks like you had a blast!

The Queen said...

Wait a second! In the morning Chris had NO scruff, and then by that night he had SERIOUS scruff?? Either he's part mountain man or you have your days and nights mixed up. Either way it looks like you all had a fantastic time. How fun that you all get along! I miss my family!!!

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

i saw that Judy!! haha. You win the prize for the most observant! Ya, i mixed up the dinner was the night before...then he shaved!

Spiker said...

The runner up for Most Observant Award goes to.... Judy Phan for noticing Chris scruffy face.

And the winner of the Most Observant Award goes to...Chalonn for noticing that Mari's in laws are awesome!