Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Aunty Mari & Uncle Chris

I'm a proud aunt. We ALL know this (clearly from the zillions of photos I post of them whenever I go visit)..ahem, anyway- We are looking forward to welcoming THREE more babies in 2010!!
This will bring the grand total of nieces & nephews for Chris & I to 18!!!

Meet the mommies..

My sister in law Jen, who lives in WA & is a mother of 3 is expecting her 4th child in May! (you know the sister in law that does the amazing birthday parties n such?) They are having a little boy (making the count 3 boys to 1 girl)!! I am really excited, they make beautiful babies! I hope I can go up there & visit that little babe once he arrives.

My oldest sister, Crystal, is expecting in May also! She is expecting a little girl, making her total 2boys 2 girls. My poor sister is already on 80% bed rest & has been for the past few weeks. I hope the rest of her pregnancy goes smoothly & I can't wait to meet her baby too!

Chris' younger sister, Courtney, who is my age just recently found out she is expecting her first! This is exciting news for the Spiker family as it will be their 1st grandchild. It's too soon to tell what gender the baby is, but Court is predicting a little boy.

Speaking of babies feast your eyes on this little bug...
I received this pic via text from my bro-in-law Patrick (my sister Lauren's hubby).
He included this gem of his youngest, Lily- titled "Lily doin' her thing".
CAN YOU SAY HAIR?! She is so freaking cute, I can't take it. I NEED to see her. Lauren tells me she walks around the house whistling & is currently OBSESSED with bracelets (stacks 12 on each wrist & does NOT let you take them off)

Also, my nephew Joshua is always cracking me up! Katie (my SIL) texts me all of the funny things he says. He is 4.
The other day he said as he was walking down the stairs, arms full:
"Mom, this is for my evil plan...and its difficult!"
so as Katie went to help him with said difficult plan, he got upset with her,
"Mom! You forgot the blueprints!"
...they have no idea where he gets this stuff...I think he is so funny...

Kids are so cute. I love them.
Congrats to the expectant mamas! We love you! We are excited to be their aunt & uncle!!


Love Stitched said...

I am SO excited for Courtney and Josh! They are going to be great parents and have a darling baby!

the organic kitchen said...

Wow miss Lily has some fantastic hair!

Jeni said...

I didn't know that Crystal is pregnant! And bed rest with 3 other kids, are you kidding me?? Congrats to all the mommies! (You knew this was coming) NOW IT'S YOUR TURN! :)

Alison said...

I didn't realize Courtney was pregnant!! What excellent news for everyone. Eighteen neices and nephews?! You guys are pro's. I gotta say, you guys are next!

The Alvords said...

Ummmm, Lily and Joshua are just about the cutest things in this entire world. I LOVE her hair, and his creativity and sense of humor. What little munchkins. Mares, I know you guys are getting pressure all over the place, but my baby needs a cousin...get on it!!!!

Mark and/or Lisa said...

Wow very cool for Courtney and Josh. Steve's gonna be a grandpappy.