Thursday, March 4, 2010


Did you ever have a "Read-a-thon" in Elementary school? Those were my favorites! We would "earn" them by everyone in the class getting 90% or higher on a test etc. We would bring sleeping bags, pillows, wear our pajamas, bring treats, and of course--books.
We would read ALL day.

(well, we would also talk a LOT and our teacher would get after us..but you get the idea)

Lately, I've been having my own read-a-thons. I am a fairly slow reader, probably because I don't do it often enough. Usually, books make me sleepy (I only wish this could be the cure for my sleeping dilema!) so I don't get more than 10pgs in before I start to realize "wait, what did that last page say?"..but here is what I've read (I won't list all the tv seasons, movies, etc I've watched..let's just say it far outweighs the hours I've spent reading, probably 30x more..):

The Year of Fog

Water for Elephants

I'm in the middle of this, and loving it...

The Help

& next on the roster is ...

Olive Kitteridge

Nineteen Minutes

Hunger Games
I have had all of these books recommended to me & so far have really liked them!
My siblings should be proud of me, I'm known as the NEO (non-elightened one) because they ALL read like insane amounts of books & I am the loser who instead of getting books at Christmas LOL. I know I am leaps and bounds behind them, but I know they will be shocked/happy to see I've picked up a couple paperbacks over the past month...


Nate and Lynlee said...

I'm glad to hear you like The Help. The book club in my ward is reading it this month and I was trying to decide whether or not I will participate this time. Looks like I'll be riding my bike to the library like old times. Maybe Adley can fit in my basket.

the organic kitchen said...

I am reading The Hunger Games right now. Not sure how I feel about it yet.

Dominique said...

The Help is on my to-read list right now. I LOVED Olive Kitteridge, was so bummed when it ended. The Hunger Games and it's sequel Catching Fire are good reads when you are in the mood for some teen fantasy. Loved them too. Their is a third coming up too! Miss you Mari.

Racheal Jade Curley said...

I'm so impressed that you remember HOW we earned the read-a-thons! You're amazing! :)

Kellie Spiker said...

yeah I totally remember my read-a-thon's from high school. It became really weird when my pjs became undies and a bra. ; )

manhattan crew said...