Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'd like to be a home owner..& Pillow covers for Sale

Renting is difficult on the "creative" side--you can't rip out, re-do, or upgrade. As I see that we have no $ for a down payment and that we will be renting for eternity I can only dream of what I'd do to a home if I had one.

In my dreams....

On that note, I just purchased 3 of these pillows in 18x18--they don't match my walls, they are a deep gold color--AND SO CUTE! But I cannot use them, for my walls are pale yellow.
Does anyone want to purchase them from me? I haven't even used them, they are BRAND NEW!
I bought them for $70--
I will sell them for the BEST OFFER. Send me your bids by comment or email: I'd love to sell them so I can use that $ towards pillows that I can actually use, that...ya know, match my house :)



Josh and Ari Hill said...

Oh my heck I would kill for the kitchen in the 4th picture down!

the organic kitchen said...

Looooove everything! Be patient my dear, we were married 7 years and had three kids before we moved out of an apartment! It will come and then believe it or not you will have fond memories of those early 'poor' years!

Audrey {+} John said...

Mari!!! I didn't realize we have so much in common! I love all these design pics you've posted! And I lobe love those pillows and loved to buy them but I recently just bought some new pillows! I have such a weekness fir decorative pillows!!! You should check out my design blog link on my blog where I post all my design inspirations! Anyway, cute blog and glad you posted it on fb! Have a great day!