Thursday, March 18, 2010

You deserve a shout..

Marvelous March Birthdays!
(I didn't forget! hooray!)

Going in birth date order...

Camilla Kay--March 2nd
Cami & I have been friends since we were 12yrs old! She just turned 24! Her sis & my bro got hitched & we met--a friendship formed & many visits back 'n forth from her house in Seattle to mine in UT, a trip to hawaii, letters & emails, being aunties together and being college roomies...HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMI!

Courtneylicious--March 5th
(recently pronounced prego!) is my sister in law (aka SIL...way easier to write) & just turned 24 also! I met Court before I even met Chris! We instantly bonded on our love for shopping, fashion, and all things creative. Court is generous with her talents, time, and whatever else she can give. She is always making me laugh with her texts & emails! Chris & I both feel very lucky to have her in our lives. Happy Birthday Court~ we love you!

Justin--March 16th
My sister Crystal's oldest son turned 7! He has a tender heart, constantly grinning & laughing, always shares & plays well, talks sweetly & gives lots of loves--but he is also a rambunctious little boy, a comedian, and a great brother. WE LOVE YOU JUSTIN!

Kaylee--March 16th
Little Miss Kaylee is such a doll! She is my brother Josh's daughter. We don't get to see her nearly enough! She just turned 5 & is so smart! She loves to get her hair done & always looks absolutely adorable. She is sure to be a heart breaker with that brain & beauty combo! WE LOVE YOU KAYLEE!

MAMA CARVER--March 18th
My fantastic mother turned 57 today! She is by far the most incredible woman I know! She is so genuine and so humble. She would give everything she had to anyone if they needed it. A spiritual giant, a domestic goddess (sews like a dream, cooks, and can clean anything)--she is always positive & happy. I love laughing with her & I love our friendship. I'm also lucky she is such a fan of my husband, she really admires him and that means the world to me. She is a foxy mama with a whole bunch of people who love & admire her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOTHER DEAREST!

Racheal--March 18th
I can't ever forget Racheals bday because it always fell on my moms! She & I have gone from being really close friends (sleepovers every weekend during grade school) to barely seeing each other...but we've managed to stay friends throughout the years--and I am SO happy about that! I admire Rach so much, she is BRILLIANT (it's sort of gross how smart she is actually..) and she is talented. Happy 24th Rach!*I didn't have pics of her so I stole these off FB--she always has the most awesome pics!

And of COURSE I couldn't forget THIS guy...but his bday hasn't come quite yet...

Chris is coming up on the big 28yrs!!!!! He is getting better looking, smarter, and more fun by the minute. I can honestly say each day I love him more than I did the day before. I am constantly raving about him...and I'm sure I will on his bday so I'll just leave it until then!

If I forgot you that means I don't have your bday in my calendar so EMAIL ME your bday so I can:
a) apologize for missing it - b)not miss it again



The Alvords said...

Awe, you are the sweetest. Thanks Mares! We are getting old. I am not sure how I feel about it, some days I think it's ok, and on others I get anxiety over the fact that I'm not 19 anymore.

Oh, this morning I woke up to snow again, it's official- I'm moving in with you. Get me out of here!

Adam & Samantha said...

lots of march birthdays! you're a good wife, sister in law, aunt, and friend.

Spiker said...

Wow lot's of March B`days! I looove your moms tiara! Swank! Can't quite figure out why I don't have one! I think I will wear it to the grocery store!

Chris and Curtney... 28 and 24??? How is this possible?

Racheal Jade Curley said...

Mari, you really are the sweetest friend ever! I miss you so so much. Thanks for this! Tell your mom Happy Birthday from me! Love you.