Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 49: Need Vs. Want

Day 49:
Received Notice on our door that our water will be SHUT OFF tomorrow if we do not pay our bill....Bill? What bill!? Effffff... $300+ dollars later I decided it was time for a cookie, as all I could think about was all of the things I would have rather spent that money on..
(note to self: when moving into a new place, check that ALL utilities have been transferred into your name)

My feetsies are lookin' better, still disgusting I know, but better!
haha my toes look chunky
I have my next Dr. apt in two weeks, I certainly hope to get a good report. My toes are so very stiff, they hurt so much when I try to move them (which I must do 5x daily). I also have to rub the incisions so the scar tissue does not get sucky Holy H...painful.
Lucky for me: walking has become easier & so has driving!
The end is near, I can feel it!

Currently drinking: Sparkling Lemonade. Lorina is fabulous brand.
I bought 10 bottles over the past 2 weeks.

Today I made these fun hair things..

Lately I..
NEED: A job
WANT: a job that enables me to go home & visit this summer, spend time with the Spiker's in April & when they come down to Newport, visit Josh & Jen in June (to see that baby!), go to NYC (still have that ticket from Fashion Week waiting to be used).....Ya, I am the ideal employee, hire me & let me request a bunch of time off. Thanks.

WANT: Shoes. Ironically enough, I only have one pair I can even fit into (thank you, fat swollen feet). I keep dreaming about all of the different sandals I want to buy. I guess it's good for my wallet that I can't fit into any new shoes...I guess...
NEED: To elevate my feet more often...but I resent that couch so much right now

WANT: to go to Bora Bora..
NEED: to stop stressing Chris out with my "vacation" ideas that will most likely bankrupt us..

WANT: to eat all of the cookies in our cupboard & sparkling lemonade in the fridge..
NEED: to start doing crunches, eating way less pasta, and drink more water...I am beginning to get a "gut"...bleh.

WANT: to go to the gym, do an hour of cardio & feel exhausted from an intense workout
NEED: to focus on what I can control--worry about the other stuff when it's time.

WANT: Yonka PHYTO-BAIN Invigorating Bath
NEED: Sleep

WANT: Pedicure, Facial
NEED: " "

WANT: Chris to hang up his clothes
NEED: " "

WANT: Chris to come home early & hang out with me on the couch & make me laugh
NEED: To keep supporting him, that workaholic (oh how the tables have turned!)


the organic kitchen said...

Your feet look good! Sorry it's still so painful but definitely move them and do all the things you are supposed to do. Did you ever call your doctor about doing those exercise taylor and Pam told you about? I serve the Lorina drinks in my classes! i got them 1/2 price when brisol closed!

Trevor and Shelby said...

Given your present situation, that "currently drinking" section could easily have included drinks with more "kick", but since you are in no condition for anything to do with "kick"ing (pardon the Linda joke:), it is perfectly appropriate to dream about Bora Bora. I say we all go together once these law school educations start paying off? ;)

Keef and Brit said...

You forgot this one:

WANT: Bert to come Visit
NEED: Bert to come Visit so we can shop, eat, go to the beach, ride bikes and take olive oil "tours"

I can't believe you left that one out... it's a big one.

Brittany and Johnse said...

They are healing really well :)

I love the new hair pieces you created! so cute!

Jessica and Jason said...

1. LOVE the new hair pieces! So adorable!
2. In college, my roommates and I "forgot" to transfer the electric bill into our name. Six months after we moved in, our power was shut off for three days. Oops! I'm glad you didn't have your water shut off!
3. Your feet are looking MUCH better!!!

Em said...

LOVE your want/need's good to lay it all out every now and then. i should do one of those. i'm glad your feet are healing up nicely!

ChloƩ said...

so it's probably random that i am commenting on this post, but i saw your feet and had to read! i have had 3 surgeries on my feet for bunions! they are no fun! i feel your pain! i have those same scars! one of the times they worked on one of my big toes and then had to fix my 2nd toe in on the other foot, so i totally feel for you! it was no fun having both feet in walking casts! your feet are lookin good though! they are way cuter than mine! mine were horrible to begin with! anyway, glad i found your blog! now we can be bloggy friends! you and your husband are so adorable!!